Peter Roberts

Photo by Taylor Creery
Jazz Pianist and Composer

Snowi Owel Gratitude

Over the last ten years I have been very interested in electronic music production, learning how to compose, mix, and master music “in the box”. Snowi Owel is the moniker I have chosen to release music under. The album Gratitude is out now! 

One July 3rd, Bandcamp will be waiving their fees, so 100% of sales that day will go directly to me.  Normally artists get 85% of all sales.


Why Gratitude? Because I am grateful to be able to have done this and have the love and support for all those around me. I had several different names for the album over the months of putting the final touches on it, but this was the only one that fit.

The album Gratitude is five years in the making and represents significant musical and personal growth. The musical result is hopefully a bit magical and attempts to evoke characters and settings from within the fantasy experiences of video games, movies, and novels. Thanks! and enjoy!

Buy the album here:

Jazz in the time of Covid

Sunday Mornings 10 am

Join Me on Sundays as I perform with the Heartland Worship Jazz Band.  Joining him are Robert Espe on Alto Sax, Gabe Scheid on Tenor Sax, Steve Charlson on Bass, and Jamie Cord on Drums and Vocals.  I arrange traditional hymns and world music to be played by the group.  I also composes pieces to be played for prelude, communion, offertory, and postlude.  Find the stream on Facebook or at the Heartland Presbyterian Church website.

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