Music Composition and SFX Production

I compose, produce, mix, and master music for video games and other digital media!  All of the sounds on this page have been created/produced completely by me.  Watch and listen to my portfolio video below, which contains Shutterstock videos of fake video games.    If you would like to commission me to create music or sound design for your projects please contact me here!

This is from the 2021 REC Change Game Audio Contest which I won!  I created the music.  My wife, Joslyn, and I recorded the SFX.



This is a playlist from the upcoming game "I Just Want to Be Single".  The game is a spoof on dating sims and can be followed here:



This is a playlist from the upcoming game "Monster Hero". The Forest Theme is "horizontally adaptive".  Follow the game here



This is a playlist from the upcoming game "Castle Greyrot". It's a rogue-like RPG.  Follow the discord here:

This is the game Hatchlings.  The music is my track Dreams of Stars that can also be heard in my Composition Samples playlist below.  All of the tracks in except that Altum Demo can be licensed for your media if you feel they would add to the user's experience!

This is a playlist from the upcoming game Pixel Mage Quest.  It has a medieval flavor to it and was a lot of fun to create!

The next video is a track I composed and performed that I think would fit well in the JRPG I Am Setsuna.  

This is the Composition Samples playlist.  It contains various examples of my compositional output

This is a track I created to demonstrate my sound design skills.  It tells a story of a character's decent into a monster inhabited cave.  All sounds were recorded and/or designed by me.

These are a few sound effect examples that I have recorded or designed.